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What Type Of Flat Roof Should I Get For My Commercial Property?

Commercial TPO Flat Roof

Thermoplastic (TPO) Roofing will give you a long lasting roof that comes at a relatively low cost. It has advantages of PVC and EPDM roofs, without the extra expenses. Contact Us, The Best Commercial Flat Roof Company in Aurora IL for your free quote.

Commercial EPDM Flat Roof

EPDM is a vary strong and resilient roofing system that can last for 30 years when installed and maintained properly. EPDM is an affordable and high performing roof that can withstand the range of temperatures we get here in Aurora. We're a trusted and known commercial flat roof company that gets the job done right. Contact us for your free EPDM flat roof quote.

Commercial Modified Bitumen

A modified bitumen roof comes with various advantages to consider when looking at options for you commercial property. With this roof type, the seams are typically melted together which helps prevent leaks. It is also made of a very durable material that is highly rated against wind, fire, and hail so damage is unlikely. It's a popular commercial flat roof that will last a long time.

Commercial Built-Up Roof (BUR)

BUR roof systems are composed of alternating layers of bitumen and ply sheets that create a completed membrane. Built Up Roofs provide excellent waterproofing, ultraviolet protection and are fire resistant. They are low maintenance and do not cost much to maintain properly- which a great value when owning a commercial building.

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Flat Roof

Provide Long Term Value To Your Commercial Building With A Professionally Installed Flat Roof

When you drive around Aurora, there are many commercial businesses that have low slope roofs. These roof types are less costly to install, are typically more energy efficient than pitched roofs, and can withstand the variety of intense weather we all encounter in the area. 

A cool feature is that the space can be used for other purposes. You could design a roof that becomes an outdoor work lounge area or a plant garden- the possibilities are only limited to your needs as a commercial property owner.

As a local commercial flat roofing company serving Aurora for over two decades, we are proud to offer reliable commercial flat roof replacement quotes as well as new construction commercial flat roof installation. 

Why is a Flat Roof Is a good choice for a Commercial building?

One of the largest advantages of having a flat roof, is their affordability. When putting the total cost togethre with materials and installation, Flat Roofs are an economical option with low maintenance and upkeep requirements. Contact us for Flat Roof Replacement in Aurora. 

Compared to pitched roofs, Flat Roofs allow for a generally more accessible roof. Whether it is cleaning the gutters or installing a satellite dish having a low sloped roof does make it easier to do such activities with relative ease. 

Whichever type of Flat Roof Replacement you choose, you can be sure that they are built to last. Flat Roofs are made of long lasting, strong material that typically can withstand UV Rays, harsh weather, and heavier weight than the standard pitched roof. 

Which Flat Roof Material Is Best For My Commercial Building?

If you’re not sure which type of flat roof is best for your commercial property, Aurora Promar Roofing is here to help. With over twenty year of experience in the roofing industry, we work side by side with you to select the perfect flat roof that will match your building, your vision, and your budget. Contact us for Flat Roof Replacement in Aurora, today. We’re trusted and experienced- two things you absolutely need when looking for a flat roofing contractor in Aurora.

Our Commercial Flat Roof Process


Free Consultation

Once an appointment is scheduled, our professional commercial flat roof representative will arrive to your appointment and coordinate the details of your desired business flat roof, your vision for your property and your budget. 



Your trusted representative will give you your free flat roof commercial  quote with all the details discussed. 



When the material for your commercial flat roofing project is ready, Promar will give you a call to schedule an installation date. Our team will arrive on time, tear off the old roof, and professionally install the new commercial flat roof.


Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Promar will remove all debris and leave your property looking clean and orderly. 

Time to enjoy your new roof and feel confident in the investment knowing that you hired the best roofers in Aurora, Illinois!

Flat Roofing Manufactures We Trust

We only work with the best of the best in the industry to provide you with the best  commercial flat roofing products and material we trust. 

Here’s What Our Happy Clients Say About Us


"Aurora Promar Roofing is a honest and dedicated commercial flat roofing company that does the job right. Great customer service, solid work ethic & Team, and overall seamless experience from beginning to end. The new ePDM flat roof on our commercial building is great."

Joel T.

Commercial Property Owner

"Professional crew that knows what they're doing. You can tell they are experienced flat roofers and our representative was clear and communicative. Great flat roofing company located right in Aurora. Highly recommend."
Nick D.
Aurora Commercial Property Owner
“Aurora Promar Roofing did an exceptional job with the new commercial modified bitumen flat roof for our apartment complex. Tenants say it looks great and we have only good things to say about working with Aurora Promar Roofing. Will be reaching our for future commercial flat roof projects."
David R.
Apartment Complex Owner
"Great local commercial flat roof contractor to work with from start to finish. Aurora Promar Roofing is an honest, straightforward company that tells it how it is. Great customer service, workmanship, and communication. We'll certainly be doing more work in the near future."
George L.
Commercial Property Owner
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Aurora Promar Roofing has been providing quality craftsmanship and professional  commercial flat roof replacement service for over 20 years. You can count on us for honest, reliable, free quotes. Give us a call today to see why business owners around Aurora area trust our work and professional commercial flat roof replacement services. We do commerical epdm flat roofing, Commercial BUR Built Up Roofing, Commercial TPO Flat Roofing contractor, and commercial modified bitumen roofing contractor.

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